Generations Project

The future home of our church

Our Generations Project is about investing in people and generations beyond us. Our hope is to have a physical home for Redemption Hill where we can gather on Sundays and weekdays, where the gospel can be preached and sung for generations to come. We hope it can be a place of rich doctrine and fellowship, a place where spiritual memories are made, a place of Baptisms and breaking bread in the Lord’s Supper, a place of Easter Sundays and Christmas Eve services, a place where we can invite unbelievers to dinner and a discussion of the good news of Christ. Such a vision has a high cost, but an even higher reward. We are investing our money now, in the hopes of seeing that investment bear a harvest of gospel opportunities for many decades to come.

We officially began raising money for this project in the summer of 2021. Miracles followed that next winter as the Lord provided far beyond what we could have asked or imagined.

In November of 2022, our contingent offer for a plot of land on Highway 29 in Georgetown (map below) was accepted, and we are currently walking through the due diligence phase of land and permit evaluation. Our current prayer requests include:

  • Prayer for clarity and protection from any unknown land defects during this due-diligence phase.
  • Prayer that any other land/building options we should consider would be revealed to us quickly.
  • Prayer that we would be able to sell a portion of this land, after our purchase is complete.
  • Prayer for the Lord to provide the money we will need to begin the building process soon after our purchase.

We don’t yet have a final estimate for the full cost of this project. We will have a much better idea once the land transactions are finalized. However, we do estimate that even a “Phase One” building would cost much more than the cash we will have on hand after buying the land. We hope you will join us in giving to the vision of a permanent home for Redemption Hill Church.

May the Lord continue to do more than we can ask or imagine!